As-Is (no warranty) Bill of Sale Template
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DATE: ___________________, 20____
I. THE PARTIES. This As-Is Bill of Sale (“Bill of Sale”) is entered into on the
undersigned date between the following:
Seller’s Name: ___________________
Seller’s Mailing Address: ______________________________________
Buyer’s Name: ___________________ (“Buyer”)
Buyer’s Mailing Address: ______________________________________
II. SALE. Buyer agrees to pay $___________________ from the Seller: (check one)
☐ - Motor Vehicle
Make: __________ Model: __________ Body Type: __________
Year: __________ Color: __________ Odometer: __________ Miles
Vehicle Identification Number (VIN): ______________________________
☐ - Boat
Make: __________ Length: __________ Title #: __________
Hull ID #: ____________________ Odometer (hours): __________
☐ - Other. ______________________________________
III. NO WARRANTY. It is understood that this Bill of Sale implies no warranties from the
Seller. The aforementioned property being sold under this Bill of