Appendix F RFP Response TemplateAppendix F RFP Response TemplateAppendix F RFP Response Template
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RFP Response Template
As stated in Part II of the RFP, the Offeror’s response to this RFP must consist of three
(3) separately sealed submittals. The submittals are as follows: (a) Technical Submittal,
(b) Disadvantaged Business Submittal, and (c) Cost Submittal. A response to this
request for proposals is considered to be complete if it includes the following documents:
1. Proposal Cover Sheet
2. Technical Submittal
o Completed RFP Response Template in tabbed order
o Completed and signed Confirmation Certificate
3. Disadvantaged Business Submittal
4. Cost Proposal (sealed separately)
1. Preparation of Proposal Cover Sheet (Appendix C)
The cover sheet must include: Offeror’s name, mailing address, and website; contact
person, contact person’s phone number, facsimile number, and email address; and
Offeror’s federal ID number in addition to the RFP name and RFP number. The
original should be clearly marked to indicate that it is the original. The Proposal
Cover Sheet must be s