Arizona Direct Deposit Form 1Arizona Direct Deposit Form 1Arizona Direct Deposit Form 1
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Information Regarding Direct Deposit
♦--Please read carefully – improper submissions may delay the Direct Deposit process--♦
Direct deposit is the electronic transfer of your weekly Unemployment Insurance payment into your bank account.
Direct deposit eliminates mailing delays, the possibility of a check being lost or stolen and alleviates the need to go
somewhere to cash or deposit your check. When you sign up for direct deposit, you are giving the Department of
Economic Security permission to credit your bank account.
To sign up for direct deposit, complete the application form on the next page. The form is interactive—you can
complete it on your PC and print it. In order to process your request for direct deposit, you must provide the bank
routing and account numbers from the financial institution where the account is maintained. These codes are
posted on your checks. For direct deposits into either a checking or savings account—a blank check with VOID
written across the front must