Annual Credit Report Request Template 2Annual Credit Report Request Template 2
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Request for Your TransUnion Personal Credit Report
Fill out your personal

First Name

Middle Name

L as t N a m e

S o ci a l S e c u r i t y N u m b e r

Date of Bir th

Name of Employer*

Your eMail Address*

Driver's License Number*

S ta t e o f I ss u e *

Suffix (Jr., Sr.)

Current Address
If a military address,
write APO or FPO for
city and one of these
abbreviations for state:
AA Armed Forces Americas
AE Armed Forces Africa, Canada,
Europe or Middle East
AP Armed Forces Pacific

Street Address

Apt. No.

Home Phone Number

Zip Code
Work/Alternative Phone Number

Previous Address
If you have moved
in the past two years,
please enter your
previous address.

Determine if you
qualify for a FREE
Personal Credit Report
For items 1-5, a TransUnion
credit file must have
been the basis for the
adverse credit decision.
You may be eligible for a
FREE Personal Credit Report
under the Federal FACT Act.
For information, please visit