ADFL College BrochureADFL College Brochure
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Effective Local, National,
and World Citizenship

KNOWING another language enriches your
personal life, expands the range of professional
opportunities open to you, and increases your
power to act as a citizen of the world. At the
college level you can begin a new language or
build on your knowledge of a language that
you have already studied. College may also be the
first chance you will have to study languages such
as Russian, Chinese, Japanese, or Arabic. Forget
the myth that you have to learn languages as a
child: in the classroom young adults can be faster
and more effective learners than small children.

In addition to providing you with knowledge, skills,
and attitudes that are necessary in the workplace,
the study of languages, literatures, and cultures, like
the study of history, philosophy, or mathematics,
helps you develop the analytic skills needed to
be an effective participant in local and national
discussions. Studying languages in the context of
history, politics, and pop