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Dear Entrepreneur,
Writing a business plan is necessary for anyone who is starting a business or has been in
business less than 3 years and seeking financing.
Why do I have to write a business plan?
Your business plan is your road map, it sets a course of direction for the business. You
absolutely need a business plan to borrow money to start your business or to grow a young
existing business.
Your business plan has to be well thought out, neat and clean.
This plan is a reflection on you, your ideas, and your vision. It takes time and work to put it
together. Making your business plan look crisp and snappy is a way to look successful and
to grab the attention and interest of those who can fund your business and its' growth.
Do you need help in writing your business plan?
As a lender, CEDF does not write business plans. However, we will be happy to refer you to
an organization who does assist entrepreneurs with this task. Please give us a call at (203)
235-2333 or toll free 888-835-2333