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FLF Flowfram

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The flowfram package is designed to enable you to create frames in a document such that the contents
of the document environment flow from one frame to the next in the order that they were defined.
This is useful for creating posters or magazines or any other form of document that does not conform
to the standard one or two column layout.
This is a modified version of the manual for the flowfram package. It is intended to illustrated
what can be done. See the full manual (ffuserguide.pdf) for a comprehensive description, as some
parts of this document may now be out of date. If the columns are very narrow, it may be better to
use \raggedright, otherwise TEX may have a problem working out the line breaks.
This is column 1.
The main type of frame is the flow frame. This is described on column 1 on page 3. The order
used to draw the contents of e