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Start-up Briefing

Writing a
business plan
Many potential start-up businesses are
daunted by the prospect of writing a
business plan. But it is not a difficult
process — and a good business plan
focuses the mind as well as helping to
secure finance and support.
The business plan will clarify your business
idea and define your long-term objectives. It
provides a blueprint for running the business
and a series of benchmarks to check your
progress against. It is also vital for convincing
your bank — and possibly key customers and
suppliers — to support you.

bank managers and investors often make
provisional judgements based on the
executive summary.
• The main body of the business plan (see
2–9) is then read to confirm the initial
decision. The appendices at the back of
the plan (see 10) carry detailed information
to support the main text.

2 The business
2.1 Explain the background to your business
idea, including:

This briefing explains:
• What information to include.
• How to pres