Wisconsin 14-Day Notice to Quit Form _ 2nd Violation
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Wisconsin 14 Day Notice to Vacate Premises For
Breach of Tenant Agreement

(name of tenant)


This notifies you that you are in violation of the lease that you have with the landlord of the
above premises as follows:
DESCRIPTION OF VIOLATION: (check the appropriate box)
☐ In accordance with 704.17(2)(a) for the second (2nd) time in the last year you did not pay
the full monthly rent which was due on __________________________. Your lease has
now been effectively terminated and you are to vacate the premises along with all your
☐ In accordance with 704.17(2)(b) for the second (2nd) time in the last year you violated
the terms and conditions of the rental agreement as follows:______________________

This notice terminates your tenanc