New Jersey Notice to Quit Form _ For All Violation TypesNew Jersey Notice to Quit Form _ For All Violation Types
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In Accordance with § 2A:18-61.2

Date: __________________ Property/Landlord’s Name: __________________
Contact Name: __________________ Phone #: __________________
Landlord Contact Email Address: ____________________________________
Tenant’s Full Name: ____________________________________
Tenant’s Address: ____________________________________ Apt: ______
City: __________________ State: __________________ Zip Code: __________
---------------------------------------------------------------This Notice to Quit is provided to the tenant for the following reason:

☐ Non-Payment of Rent - According to § 2A:18-61.2 the landlord has the right to
cancel the lease immediately if rent Is late.
Although if the landlord has received late rent at any time period during tenancy, the
tenant is allowed up to thirty (30) days to pay the landlord in full along with any
additional charges or penalties. If this is the case rent must be paid on
______________________, 20____.