New Hampshire Eviction Notice Forms _ Process and LawsNew Hampshire Eviction Notice Forms _ Process and Laws
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To: _____________________________________________________________________
If to the Tenant, this notice is directed towards all residents (tenants and subtenants) in
possession and all other in possession
The premises herein referred to is located in the City of __________________________,
County of __________________ State of New Hampshire, Zip Code __________
designated by the number and street as ________________________________________
In accordance with your lease agreement signed on the ____ day of
____________________, 20____ and the laws in the State of New Hampshire after
service on you of this notice, you are hereby required:

(Check Appropriate Box)

☐ - NONPAYMENT - Within seven (7) days you shall pay to the undersigned or
__________________________ an authorized agent, the rent of the premises hereinafter
described, of which you now hold possession amounting to the sum of:
______________________________ Dollars ($___________________