Maine 7-Day Notice to Quit Form _ (Non-Payment)Maine 7-Day Notice to Quit Form _ (Non-Payment)
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Date _____________________

TO ______________________________ and ALL OTHER OCCUPANTS of the
Property located at ______________________________, City of
______________________________, State of Maine, referred to as the “Property”.
You are hereby notified to vacate the Property on or before the expiration of seven (7)
days from the date of service of this Notice due to the non-payment of rent which is in
direct violation of the Lease Agreement that was completed on the ___ day of
__________________, 20___.
In accordance with 14 § 6028 of the Maine Revised Statutes you are 15 days or more in
arrears in payment of your rent, that being a total of $___________________ for the
month of __________________, 20___.
Since the ground for issuing this notice is non-payment of rent, you may negate the
effect of this notice if you pay the full amount of rent due within seven (7) days from the
date of service of this notice.
Payment by you of any amount le