Fourteen (14) Day Eviction Notice TemplateFourteen (14) Day Eviction Notice Template
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To: _____________________________________________________________________
All residents (tenants and subtenants) in possession and all other in possession
The premises herein referred to is located in the City of __________________________,
County of __________________ State of ____________________, Zip Code __________
designated by the number and street as ________________________________________
In accordance with your lease agreement signed on the _____ day of
____________________, 20_____ and the laws in the State of _____________________
WITHIN FOURTEEN (14) DAYS after service on you of this notice, you are hereby
required to
(Check Appropriate Box)
-----------------------------------------------------------------☐ - Pay to the undersigned or __________________________ an authorized agent, the
rent of the premises hereinafter described, of which you now hold possession amounting
to the sum of: ______________________________ Dollars ($_____________