Arkansas 3-Day Notice to Quit Form _ Non-Payment of RentArkansas 3-Day Notice to Quit Form _ Non-Payment of Rent
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3-Day Notice to Quit for
Nonpayment of Rent—Arkansas
Street Address:
I, __________________, the Lessor, hereby give you __________________, the Lessee, this
notice on this ____ day of __________________, 20____.
I leased to you the premises situated at __________________, in the City of ______________,
County of _______________, State of Arkansas (hereinafter referred to as demised premises),
pursuant to the lease agreement dated the ____ day of __________________, 20____. (the
You have not paid the rent due for the month(s) of _________________, 20____. The present
rent arrearage is in the amount of ____________________ Dollars ($_______) according to the
below account:
I hereby notify you and all others in possession of the demised premises to vacate, quit and
deliver the demised premises within three (3) days in accordance with A.C.A 18-60-304(3)
(excluding the