Alabama Seven (7) Day Notice to Quit _ NonComplianceAlabama Seven (7) Day Notice to Quit _ NonCompliance
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7-Day Notice of Termination of Lease
Dear __________________ [name of tenant]
You are hereby notified that you have breached your rental agreement with
_________________________ [name of landlord] for
_________________________ [description or address of premises] by
[nature of breach]
Choose Type
☐ - Right to Cure - Unless you first adequately remedy the above referenced
breach, the rental agreement will terminate 7 days from today’s date on
__________________ [date].
☐ - No Right to Cure - Agreement terminates 7 days from today’s date on
__________________ [date].
If the rental agreement terminates, you are requested to deliver up possession of
the above-described premises immediately.

Landlord’s Signature
Landlord’s Printed Name