Violin Fingering Reference Chart
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Violin Fingering Reference Chart for Composers
Maximum general
stretch = 5th on one
string. 4th on one string
more common.
Maximum interval
stretch increases higher
up the fingerboard as
distance between
semitone reduces.
The more comfortable
the chord, the easier
and quicker it is to
prepare = the more
likely it will be in tune
and sound good.
Any note with adjoining
open string = good.
Open string will
dominate if stopped
note high up string.
Between adjacent strings:

6ths, 3rds, 8ves, 7ths all
easy and likely to be in
tune in progressions
2nd slightly
uncomfortable in some
situations but very
4ths, 5ths more difficult
to get in tune (in
10ths possible by good
Single finger can play
across 2 adjacent
strings, not three or four

Artificial harmonics
Most common =
interval of P4 on same
string: will sound 15ma
above lower note.
Sounds best when
lower note is up to 6th
above open string).
Matthew Hindson: