Utah Name Change Forms – How to Change Your Name in UTUtah Name Change Forms – How to Change Your Name in UT
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City, State, Zip



I am [ ] Petitioner
[ ] Petitioner’s Attorney (Utah Bar #:__________)

In the District Court of Utah
__________ Judicial District ________________ County
Court Address ______________________________________________________

In the Matter of the Name Change of:

Petition for Name Change

_____________________________________ _______________________________

Case Number


Petitioner states as follows:

I live in ____________________________ County, Utah and have lived here for
more than one year.


The name on my birth certificate is:
First name
Middle name (if any)


I ask the court to order that my legal name be (proposed new name):
First name

Petition for Name Change

Approved November 19, 2004
Revised July 26, 2017

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Middle name (if any)
Surname on birth certificate
Married surname (if any)


I want to change my name because:


I do not know any re