Triangular Trinket Box Template
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Triangular Trinket Box Template

To make box:


1. Cut a rectangle 3” wide X 6” from a sheet of
8-1/2“ X 11” cardstock.
2. Stamp the outside of the holder.
2. Score on long edge center at 3”.
3. Score diagonally from the short edge center
points to the 3” score lines on the long edge for
fold lines. You should now have a total of 5 score
lines. (See diagram.)
3. Punch out 4 holes 1/4” from the short edge
and 5/8” from the long edges. (See diagram.)
4. Fold at the score/dotted lines by folding in the
outside triangles. The two front triangles (A & B)
will overlap the back triangles (C & D) to make
the sides of the box.



5. Add ribbon by running throught the holes.
This will keep the closed.
6. Embellish the outside. Add trinkets to the