Thank You for the Interview Letter Example
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Written correspondence with a potential employer is one of the most effective ways to display your
communication skills. Take advantage of this opportunity by sending a thank -you letter after you have had an
interview and especially after an interview associated with a company visit. Sending a thank-you letter is also a
simple matter of courtesy.
A Few Guidelines to Follow:
1. As soon as possible after the interview or company visit, a letter should be sent to express your appreciation
for the time the interviewer spent with you.
2. Use this as an occasion to add information, not covered in the interview, that you feel the employer needs to
know about you and/or your qualifications for the position.
3. Use this as an occasion to clarify any information you feel was not accurately shared during the interview.
4. Use this as an occasion to supply additional information that was requested by the employer during the

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