Thank You and No Thank You LettersThank You and No Thank You LettersThank You and No Thank You Letters
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McComsey Career Development Center
In the job search process, your written communication is not finished with the resume and cover letter. You will need to
compose letters for a number of other situations surrounding your job search, such as
♦ Showing appreciation for an interview (the thank you letter)
♦ Accepting an employment offer
♦ Withdrawing your application from consideration
♦ Rejecting an employment offer

Each needs to be professionally written and personalized appropriately, and each needs to create a positive impression
with the reader.
General tips for all job-search correspondence letters:

1. Keep your letters personal but professional. Avoid being overly familiar or lapsing into colloquialisms. In most
cases, these letters should be typed.
Say what you mean clearly and simply, without a lot of big words.
Focus on the positive, don’t mention the negative.
Keep the letter to one page, preferably one-half page.
Always address the letter