Stiker Kite TemplateStiker Kite TemplateStiker Kite Template
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Sticker Kite
Templates and

1. Print page, then by cutting or tracing, make a template of each triangle out of poster
board. (Making this template will help to cut the triangles from colored construction paper, but you
may choose to skip making a template and just print these directly onto 8 ½ x 11 colored paper,
then cut & skip to #3.)

Using triangle cut-outs, trace onto 4 different pieces of bright-colored card stock or
construction paper (flip triangles over if they left lines, or just cut freehand so there are
no line marks.)

3. Assemble 4 triangles into kite, using double stick tape or other adhesive to attach to
the kite frame. (It works best to tape the 4 sections together on the backside.)
4. Unless you choose to use a legend (shown on page 3), write each behavior goal
above or below each of the 4 sections.
Save these 2 triangles in a folder or envelope, and place in a ‘kid file’ for when it’s time to make a
new kite. Better yet, cut extra se