School Donation Email
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To our valued donor,
The Wildwood School would like to extend our sincerest gratitude for your donations over the
years. Because of your generosity, we have been able to fund several new programs, including
an after school initiative to bolster excitement about math and science. The elementary Science
Squad, which just took third place in the regional math and science competition finals, exists
because you cared enough to contribute. Thank you for your commitment to our students and
their education.
We are writing on behalf of a new need: the English program. While our math and science
programs have excelled thanks to contributions from donors like you during last year’s pledge
drive, our English program was neglected. Unfortunately, that neglect became evident in last
year’s final test scores. However, we are undeterred in our endeavor to create an environment
where all areas of academics prosper. We’ve seen how generous donations have made an
impact on our math and sciences programs,