Sample Voice Mail Greetings
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Sample Voice Mail Greetings

It is sometimes hard to know what to say for a mailbox greeting. You can
use any message that you feel is appropriate for the caller to hear. The
following greetings are only suggestions and should serve only as starting
point, when you develop your own. It is a good idea to write your
greeting down before you pick up the phone to make the recording.

“I’m on the phone or away from my desk at the present time. If you
need to speak to someone immediately, please dial __________ (ext
number) for assistance or you may leave your name, phone number and a
brief message and I will call you back as soon as possible.”
“Today is Monday, July 28 and I will be in a meeting most of the
morning but I will be in the office in the afternoon. If need assistance
immediately, please call extension __________ (ext number) and
__________________ (person’s name) will be able to assist you.”
“I am attending a (meeting, class, or conference) and will be