Sample Scholarship Thank You Letter
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Sample Scholarship Thank You Letter
Dear [Name of Scholarship] for example, H‐E‐B Scholarship Endowment Donor(s),
First paragraph: state purpose of letter
I was very happy to learn that I was a recipient of the [Name of scholarship. I am writing to
thank you for your generous, financial support towards my higher education.
Second paragraph: share a little about yourself, your background, goals, and indicate why the
scholarship is important to you.
I am a Mathematics major who plans to pursue a teaching career in the secondary level. I am
currently a junior and plan to graduate in the fall of 2012. After graduation, I will seek
employment at one of our local public schools with hopes of inspiring other students to achieve
a higher education.
Third paragraph: close by thanking the donor again and make a commitment to do well with
the donor investment.
By awarding me the [Name of scholarship], I am able to concentrate on what is important for
me, education. Your financial generosit