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Sample Obituary

Date, location, and sometimes
the cause of death.

Donna Doe, 60 years of age, passed on Wednesday,
April 3, 2010 at Heritage Hospital.
Donna was born July 25, 1950 in Stowville, Ohio to
the late John and Anne Doe. She was the youngest of
five children, two preceded her in death. Donna was
educated in the Stowville Parrish School System in Ohio.

Biographical Information

Person’s life, their
accomplishments, education,
honors, hobbies, etc.

Donna married the late Paul Doe in 1972 and six
children were born from this union. Donna professed
her life to Christ at an early age. The family moved to
Cleveland, Ohio in 1955 and she joined XYZ Church. She
loved working in the church and cherished praising the
Lord. Serving on several committees, always enjoying
helping others, she served as Vice President of XYZ and
worked with the supper kitchen for many years until her
health prevented her services. Donna retired from XYZ.
Donna loved to read her bibl