Sample Obituary 2
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Sample Obituaries
When someone passes away, a simple obituary is often placed in the local papers, or in papers
outside the area by a funeral director. You can write a simple piece yourself in advance, using the
sample below as a template, which can be distributed to the papers of your choice upon your death
by a designated person, as part of the pre-planning process:
"I ask that John Smyth place my obituary in the following papers:
The Lincoln Register~Star, Lincoln Nebraska
(Fax and Phone Numbers, or e-mail address)
The Cleveland Plain Dealer, Cleveland Ohio
(Fax and Phone Number, or e-mail address)"
Sample Obituary 1
On June 1, 2001, Bonnie Griffith passed away suddenly in Deep Bend, Oregon while on vacation.
Mrs. Griffith was born in Tallahassee, Florida in 1936, where she graduated from Ordover High
School in 1954. She went on to graduate from Oberlin College in 1958 with a BA in English
Literature. Mrs. Griffith spent many years traveling the world as a free spirit, before settli