Sample Apology Letter to Substitute Teacher
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Effective Interventions for Academic Problems

Jim Wright



Sample Apology Letter To Substitute Teacher
Paragraph 1:
The student:
1. Introduces self.
2. States the date the
teacher was out of the
classroom and the
substitute teacher took
his/her place.
3. Presents two reasons
that being a substitute
teacher can be difficult

Paragraph 2: Body
The student:
4. Acknowledges
5. Describes misbehavior

Paragraph 3:
The student:
6. Apologizes for the
7. Describes plan to
improve behavior for
the next time that a
substitute teacher
covers the classroom
8. (Optional) Must review
the letter with parent(s)
and return with their

Dear Ms. Smith:

[1] My name is Thomas Morlin. I am a student in
Ms. Tolerino’s classroom at Baylor Elementary
School. [2] On May 8, Ms. Tolerino could not be in
the classroom, so you came in as a substitute teacher.
[3] Being a substitute is hard, because you don’t
know the students’ names