Roommate Agreement 2Roommate Agreement 2
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Sample Roommate Agreement
This Roommate Agreement is made by the following roommates:
___________________________________________________________________(the "Roommates").
The Roommates are co-tenants in the apartment located at
____________________________________________________________________(the "Apartment").
There /is/is not/ a written rental agreement or lease with the landlord, ____________________________, for the
Apartment (the "Rental Agreement").
The following Roommates have been named in the Rental Agreement:
The following Roommates have signed the Rental Agreement:
The Roommates agree to the following terms:
1. Rental Agreement. All of the Roommates agree to be bound by all of the terms of the Rental Agreement.
2. Lease Term. Each of the Roommates will live in the Apartment:
> for the period set forth in the Rental Agreement with