RLM Prophetic NumerologyRLM Prophetic NumerologyRLM Prophetic Numerology
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R.L.M. Prophetic Numerology
[1] Unity, Beginning, Eternal, Wholeness
[10] Trial, Testing, Law, Order, Government
[100] Completeness, Abundant, Fruitfulness, Maturity
[111] Unity of the Brethren, 1,000 Fold Increase, Gospel
[1,000] Divine Completeness, Perfect Fruitfulness
[10,000] Big Trial
[2] Blessing, Double Portion, Agreement, Covenant
[20] Attainment, Redemption, Crowning Accomplishment, Holy
[200] Dominion, Great Faith
[222] Covenant Promise Fulfilled
[20,000] Big Decision
[3] Restoration, Balance, Perfect Testimony, Obey, Invincibility
[30] Ministry Maturation, Price of Redemption, Blood of Christ
[300] Faithful Remnant, God's Protection, Character of God
[333] Joel's Army
[30,000] Greatness and Maturity in Battle, Strong in the Lord
[4] Creation, Reign, Dominion
[40] Total Rule
[400] Truth, Eternal King
[444] Dominion Over Creation, 4 River Head's Watering All Creation

[40,000] Wise Rule, Skillful, Expert
[5] Grace, Atonement, New Song, Anointing
[50] Pentecost, Freedom, Jubi