Rental Receipt Template 3Rental Receipt Template 3
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Sub: - Calculation of Income Tax for the financial year 2012-13.
All Teaching, Non-Teaching Employees, Pensioner, Consultants & Teaching
Asstt. liable to pay income tax are requested to submit particulars of their savings in
the enclosed format along with copies of the receipt and certificate(s) in respect of
savings etc. for calculation of deductions under provisions of Income Tax Act to the
Finance and Entitlement Section for the financial year 2012-13 on or before 15th
October, 2012. In case the information is not received from the concerned employees
by the above mentioned date, income tax will be calculated and deducted at source
on the basis of particulars available with Finance Department without any further
Assesses staying in rented house and seeking relief on HRA should submit
the Rent Receipt availing relief as per the enclosed prescribed format of Income
Tax Dept. Document in support of the savings other tha