Proper Running Form Guide
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Proper Running Form
Head Position
Look ahead naturally and not down at the ground (it’s not going anywhere).
Keep your chin parallel to the ground and eyes looking forward. To help
eliminate “bobble head” syndrome, focus on object that are 10-20 feet ahead.
Exercise: chin to chest and a deep breath in then chin parallel to ground and
deep breath in
Shoulders should be loose and relaxed and in the “down” position. Tightening
your shoulders not only creates tension in your neck but it takes energy away
from your legs! Shoulders should not dip from side to side.
Legs and arms must work together and not fight forward progression! Hands
should be loose or lightly clenched (pretend to be holding onto a potato chip).
Elbows should be held close to your waist and bent at approx. 90 degrees. Your
arms should move smoothly from front to back and slightly cross the front of your
body. Pretend there is a line dividing your body in half, your hands should not
cross over that line