Plush Monster TemplatePlush Monster TemplatePlush Monster Template
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an activity by Emily Lovell, Jie Qi, and Natalie Freed

Plush Monsters
creatures with character

Students are exposed to microcontrollers and
the concept of programmability. Each student
will make a plush monster companion, using a
sewable pre-programmed microcontroller to
control the behavior of one or more LEDs.

Learning Goals
Students will...
• understand what a microcontroller is and how
programming can add dynamic behavior to an
e-textile project.


Tools & Materials
For each student:
• battery
• battery holder
• piece of fleece (9” x 12”)
• 1 or 2 LEDs (lights)
• LilyTiny sewable
For the group to share:
• conductive thread
• fabric scissors
• hot glue gun and glue sticks
• needle nose pliers
• sewing needles
• embroidery floss
• polyester stuffing
• needle threaders or beeswax
• buttons and/or fleece scraps
for embellishment
• black and red permanent

• Gather the materials.
• If you plan to give students the handout or
monster templat