Pinewood Derby Car Template 3Pinewood Derby Car Template 3Pinewood Derby Car Template 3
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Building a Pinewood Derby Car

Building a Pinewood Derby Car
The Cub Scout Pinewood Derby (PwD) is one of the most popular "fun event" that a
young Scout will participate in. It primarily is a race to find the fastest car, but also is a
competition for the coolest car design. Recognition of the time spent building the car
may be seen as trophies for the fastest in the race, or for most colorful, most inventive,
most "radical" and as many other “Show Car” categories as one can imagine.
Every year, boys with their parent's help, build cars of every description to enter at the
local Pack competition. Construction of the car is intended to be a parent and son
project with the son doing the majority of the work. The parent should supply advice
and limited assistance with the more difficult tasks, while ensuring safety is practiced
during all stages of the project. Please remember above all that the PwD is intended
to be fun for all. So get started early and take your time building and test