Payment Schedule (Sample Form)Payment Schedule (Sample Form)Payment Schedule (Sample Form)
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Response Form

Why this is a ‘sample’ form
The Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment
Act 2002 does not require you to use any particular form.
This form can help you to prepare a complete and valid
Payment Schedule in response to a Payment Claim. You can
use it, adapt it for your purposes, or decide not to use it at all.

Required information
Certain details must be provided. If they are not provided,
the Payment Schedule is not valid.
The Act requires the Payment Schedule to:
• identify the Payment Claim to which it relates
• indicate the amount of payment (if any) that you
propose to make (the ‘scheduled amount’) and,
if the scheduled amount is less than the claimed
amount, why there is a difference, and
• if you entered into the contract with the Claimant
on or after 30 March 2007, identify the amount of the
claim (if any) that you allege is an ‘excluded amount’.

Before you start
Check the date of your contract