Pasture Lease (Short Version)Pasture Lease (Short Version)
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C o l l e g e

o f

A g r i c u l t u r e


B i o l o g i c a l

S c i e n c e s



Pasture Lease
(Short Version)
Burton Pflueger, Extension economist

Date and names of parties. This lease is entered into on ____________________________, 20_____, between
__________________________________________________________________________________________(Landlords) Lessor(s)
at (address) _____________________________________________________________________________________________ and
___________________________________________________________________________________________(Tenants) Lessee(s)
at (address) ________________________________________________________________________________________________.
The parties to this lease agree to the following provisions.

Description of land. The Lessor rents and leases to the Lessee, to occupy and to use for agricultural purposes only, the following
real estate located in the County of ______________________ and the State of _______