New Jersey Guardianship FormNew Jersey Guardianship FormNew Jersey Guardianship Form
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Following are pro se forms to submit to the Cumberland County Surrogate’s Office when filing for
guardianship. There are two types of forms for the COMPLAINT, one for Incapacitation since Birth
and one for Incapacitation in Adulthood. Please note that incapacitation in adulthood encompasses
any incapacitation that occurred at a time other than at birth. You will file only ONE of these
forms, either “since Birth” or “in Adulthood” depending on which fits your situation. The ORDER
FOR HEARING will be the same regardless of which incapacitation form you file.
When using the forms you will see words italicized and underlined and blank spaces. Anywhere you
see these they are for you to fill in order to make the Complaint personal to your situation and to
what you are filing for. Please remove the italicized words and insert your specifics there.
If you have any questions regarding the filling in or filing of these forms, feel free to contact the
Cumberland County Surrogate’s