Monthly Cash Flow PlanMonthly Cash Flow PlanMonthly Cash Flow Plan
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Monthly Cash Flow Plan
Cash flows in and out each month. Make sure you tell it where to go!

Yes, this budget form has a lot of lines and blanks.
But that’s okay. We do that so we can list practically every expense imaginable on this form to
prevent you from forgetting something. Don’t expect to put something on every line. Just use the
ones that are relevant to your specific situation.

step 1
Enter your monthly take-home pay in the box at
the top right (A). This is the amount you have for
the month to budget. So far so good, huh?

Monthly Take-Home Pay

step 2
Within each main category, such as Food,
there are subcategories, like Groceries. Start
at the top and work your way down, filling out
the Budgeted column (B) first. Add up each
subcategory and put that number in the
Total box (C).
Also, pay attention to Dave’s recommended
percentages (D). This will help you keep from
budgeting too much for a category.




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