Menu Card Indian Restaurant KeralaMenu Card Indian Restaurant KeralaMenu Card Indian Restaurant Kerala
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Menu Card Indian Restaurant Kerala
Indian Restaurant Kerala, Hofwiesenstr.188, 8057 Zürich, Switzerland
Phone: 01 364 45 77

1. Kera Sarbath
A soup of coconut with a dash of ginger and fresh curry leaves.
2. Malabari Meen Sath
Fish soup from the Malabar Coast, seasoned with fennel seeds.

3. Cochin Chemmin
Fried Prawns with cacanutslices and chilli
4. Erachi Churul
Delicate crepe filled with hotly seasoned meat
5. Pakara
Deep-fried onionrings in chickpea flour dough with fresh chutney sauce
6. Uzhunnu Vada
Urid-lentil balls garnished with fresh chutney
7. Kerala Specialteller
A combination of Starters (Vada, Churul, Pakora)

Tandoori Specialities (allow 30 minutes for preparation)
A Tandoor is a typical Indian clay oven. Meat or fish, marinated for 24 hours in
a spicy yoghurt sauce, are delicately grilled in the hot Tandoor.
8. Chicken Tandoori
Chicken thighs marinated in a traditional Tandoori marinade
9. Chicken Tikka
Chunks of chicken marinated