Medical Information & Waiver FormsMedical Information & Waiver FormsMedical Information & Waiver Forms
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Medical Information & Waiver Forms

This packet contains medical information forms and a sample waiver and release from liability form. In today's
climate of insurance claims and liability action, the use of these forms is mandatory by your club and/or league.
Parent's Medical Instructions
This form can give your club coach or administrator instructions on how to proceed if an athlete becomes injured or
ill and needs emergency treatment.

Medical History Questionnaire
If you are traveling and one of your athletes needs medical attention, this information can be of great value to an
attending physician.
The parent's Medical Instruction and the Medical History Questionnaire for each athlete should be kept in a sealed
envelope with his name on the outside in or with the club's medical kits. It is recommended that the kit also should
have a list of emergency phone numbers for each club member, along with the standard 911, police, ambulance,
fire, etc., phone numbers.

Participant's Waiver