Medical AuthorizationMedical Authorization
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Medical Authorization
Keys? Check! Gas tank filled? Check! Luggage packed? Check! Kids dropped off at my
brother's? Check! My wife and I are ready for a weekend out of town, right? Wrong!
As parents, we have all taken trips, get-away weekends, or simply a night out without
our children. When doing so, we make sure that a sitter or a relative is lined up to watch
the children. However, usually we forget to provide for a situation where the children
might become sick or injured and need medical care.
Anyone who has ever presented a sick or injured child to an emergency room or
neighborhood care center can testify to the fact that care cannot be rendered until a
parent and/or legal guardian has given authorization for the care to be given. In a lifethreatening emergency, care would be rendered. However, in the case of an ear
infection or a cut requiring stitches, the medical provider will require an authorization
before proceeding to treat the child.
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