Letter To The Editor Example 2
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Sample Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor

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[ RE: Headline and author if you're writing in reference to a story OR "Performing Animals in the City of _______" ]
Dear Editor:
While circuses and traveling shows featuring wild animal acts may seem innocent enough, it has become apparent
over the past decade that wild animal acts are inherently cruel and unsafe.
Most circuses and traveling shows that use wild animals keep them for months on end in cramped transport cages,
sometimes hardly larger than they are, with only brief periods outside to perform. The animals have no opportunity to move or behave in a natural way. That's why veterinarians, animal behaviourists, biologists and animal welfare
organizations around the world have condemned wild animal acts.
Circuses and traveling shows with wild animals also pose a risk to human safety. Numerous circus employees have
been seriously injured or killed by performing animals and circus