Letter of Love ApologyLetter of Love Apology
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Hawai‘i Friends of Justice & Civic Education
Restorative & Solution-Focused Gratitude & Apology Letter Guidelines for Loves Ones
Sometimes we hurt people unintentionally or intentionally who we care about and are grateful for. In these
cases you can address the harm by writing a letter about how you have changed, express your gratitude, and
If there is a protective order preventing you from contacting anyone you must respect that. Even though you
are sorry and grateful for the person you hurt, you must never cause further pain by attempting to make
amends. If your situation is serious and there is no protective order but you believe the person you hurt may be
afraid of you, do not send the letter directly to them and instead ask another third party who knows you both to
deliver the letter.
If your case is serious and you are incarcerated show your letter to someone who works at the prison such as a
Chaplin or a counselor and ask them to review it and sign it with a statement