Lease Agreement 1Lease Agreement 1Lease Agreement 1
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TERM AND PARTIES: This is a lease (the “Lease”) for a period of ________months (the “Lease Term”),
and ending
, between
(Month, day, year)
(Month, day, year)
(Name of owner of the property)
and ________________________________________________________________________________________________
(Name of person(s) to whom the property is leased)
(In the Lease, the owner, whether one or more, of the property is called “Landlord.” All persons to whom the property is
leased are called “Tenant.”)


PROPERTY RENTED. Landlord leases to Tenant the premises located at the following address:.
(Street address)
, Florida

(Zip code)

together with the following furniture and appliances:

[List all furniture and appliances. If none, write “none.”] (In the Lease the property leased, including furniture and
appliances, if any, is called “the Premises.”)