Half Marathon Pace Prediction Chart
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Rock the Parkway Half Marathon Race Prediction Chart
A Sound Approach to Choosing the Appropriate Pace Team
This prediction chart was calculated by Gerry Purdy in his book, Computerized Running Training Programs. These
numbers are rounded to make it easier to remember the corresponding times for your target race. For the average
runner under average conditions, a 22 minute 5K would give them the necessary speed to do a 1:45 half marathon.
Conversely, a 4:20 marathoner should be able to run a sub 2:05 half marathon. Of course, there will be a variety of
outcomes on either side of this performance curve depending on the race course, weather, training specific to the
distance, mental preparation, and pacing strategies, to name a few. Each person will tend to have a niche distance that
they will do better at. However, the chart is accurate for most people. In other words, use it with discretion.
With Rock the Parkway’s rolling terrain, first-time half marathoners should wisely choose the n