Gift Box Template
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Free 6 cm square printable gift box scoring, folding and sticking template.
Supplied by
This template can be used to
draw round on card of your own
choice or as a scoring diagram
for one of the free Crafty Ferret
printable patterned square box
If making a box using card of
your choice print this template
onto A4 printer card. To ensure
your template is the correct size
set your printer page scaling to
'None' before printing. Check
your printer instructions for
more information.

Cut along the solid lines,
score and fold along the
dotted lines.

Carefully cut out the template
using a craft knife and ruler.
Position the template onto your
chosen card, draw round it and
cut out your box shape.
Lightly score the cut out box
in the same places as the
dotted lines shown on this
Fold the scored lines and
stick the side tab to the inside
of the box on the opposite
side using double sided tape
or craft glue.
To make the bottom of the box
fold in all fo