Facial Acupressure ChartFacial Acupressure Chart
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Facial Acupressure Chart

This chart shows some of the many Chinese acupressure points located on the face. Below are the
therapeutic indications of seven commonly used ones. Press and rub the points with the tip of
your thumb or index finger for 1-2 minutes, several times a day. You should feel no more than a
comfortable pain as you massage each point.
Yintang: Midway between the eyebrows - calms the spirit; frontal headaches, insomnia, anxiety
Bitong: Next to the bridge of your nose on both sides - nasal congestion, sinusitis, rhinitis
Yingxiang: Either side of your nostrils - nasal congestion, sinusitis, rhinitis
Renzhong: On the midline directly below your nose – revival after fainting, shock
Jingming: On the edge of the inner orbit of each eye socket - eye diseases, sore eyes
Zanzhu: On the medial end of each eyebrow – headache, eye diseases, sore eyes
Yuyao: In the middle of the eyebrows directly above the pupils; eye problems; frontal headache

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