F Stop Chart 2
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f/stop Timing Table [s]
©1999, 2005
by Ralph W. Lambrecht


Determine the base print exposure time, rendering significant print highlights to
your satisfaction, and find this ‘base exposure’ in the center column. Base exposure times are incremented in 1 stop (black), 1/3 stop (dark grey), 1/6 stop (light
grey) and 1/12 stop. After adjusting overall print contrast, rendering significant
print shadows as desired, find related dodging and burning times in 1/6 stop
increments left and right to the base exposure to fine-tune the print.
Example: Assuming a base exposure time of 25.4s, exposure is held back locally for 5.2s to dodge an area for a 1/3 stop, and a 10.5s exposure is added locally
to apply a 1/2 stop burn-in. Base exposure time and f/stop modifications are
entered into the print record for future use. The exposure time must be modified
if print parameters or materials change, but dodging and burning is relative to
the exposure time, and consequently, the f/stop modification