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Email Signature Standards- 06/07
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Email Signature Standards Policy – Regional Office

The purpose of this document is to outline our policy for standard email
signatures using Microsoft Outlook in the ServiceMaster Clean brands.
This policy will be in effect beginning July 2, 2007


A standard, consistent and clean email signature will present a more
professional appearance for our brands. The signature is designed to
maximize contact information while also promoting external websites to
those who receive our messages.

The standard email signature should appear as follows:
Your Name in Bold Black Arial 10pt. font
Your title, Regional Office in regular black Arial 10pt. font
ServiceMaster Clean
Phone: (Your 800 number)
Direct: Your Local Number
Cell: Optional- Only if paid for by SM Clean, Furniture Medic or
AmeriSpec and you wish to have it included
Email: [email protected]
Optional Alternate Website**-