Capo Chart 2
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1) Changing the song chart into an easier key. What key is the song in right now? Find that key in
the green section. It will appear in several places. Keep your finger there, and run another finger
along the row to the yellow column. If the key in the yellow column is good, then go back to the
place you’re holding in the green, and run your finger up the column to the fret numbers. Place your
capo at that fret and play in the key from the yellow column. If the key in the yellow column isn’t
what you’re looking for, start over in another spot and repeat the process.
2) Okay, but what are the new chords I should use, once I have the capo on my guitar?Write
down a list of all the chords in the song. In the yellow column, put your finger on the key the song is
in right now--the difficult key. Count the number of spaces to the key you’re switching to. (You can
count up or down--as long as you always do it the same way.) For instance: the key the song is in