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To our valued donor,
The Brown Bag Bunch would like to extend our sincerest gratitude for your financial support
over the past year. Since our founding in January, the Brown Bag Bunch (BBB) has given away
over 5,000 take-home meals to children who would have otherwise gone home from school
hungry, having to wait until school breakfast the next morning to eat again. Children in these
types of desperate situations usually rely completely on the school-provided breakfast and lunch
programs for their entire day’s worth of nutrition. Thanks to your support, children within our
district were able to take home a third meal from school in a brown paper bag, often providing
dinner for both themselves and their siblings. It was incredible to see our mission accomplished.
We are now setting our sights on expansion. While the BBB has been effective in our local
school district, we know the problem of after school nutrition runs wider than just our small
community. A recent survey revealed that ove